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What Others Are Saying About Noah's Castle

Brad Thor, #1 New York Times bestselling author of Foreign Influence
"The ultimate "what if" for right now. Terrifyingly realistic and powerfully thought provoking. John Rowe Townsend's apocalyptic masterpiece is back and not a moment too soon. An absolute must read!"

Gregory Maguire, New York Times bestselling author of WICKED
"By turns gripping and ominous, the masterful NOAH'S CASTLE lures and locks the reader into a future world due to start any moment. I find it one of the most harrowing and humane tales of survival yet, stronger and more significant with each rereading. Pull up the gangplank and shutter the windows: in a time of want, you'll want NOAH'S CASTLE to steer you safe."

A family fights to survive as England starves…

The coming winter was going to be a bad one—and not because of the weather.

Sixteen-year-old Barry Mortimer’s life turns upside down when his father suddenly moves the family from their comfortable modern home in the city to a decaying old mansion on the outskirts of town. Strange and mysterious events follow.

Why isn’t anyone allowed to visit their new home? What is Father doing in the basement and why is he keeping it a secret?

As rumors of skyrocketing prices and food shortages become a full-fledged economic meltdown, Barry’s world begins to crumble. Can his family hold together as a nation collapses around them?


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Imagine being debt-free and financially secure

Debt is Slavery: and 9 Other Things I Wish My Dad Had Taught Me About Money takes a unique approach to personal finance by focusing on changing the way people think about money. The book describes 10 proven steps that will transform your relationship with money so you can gain control of your finances, pay off your debt, and create financial security.

The author, Michael Mihalik, knows these steps work because he used them in his own life. “I accumulated a large amount of debt using credit cards to live a lifestyle I couldn’t afford,” he says. “It wasn’t long before I could barely make the minimum payments.

“I tried to budget, but it didn’t work. Then I discovered that before I could change the way I handled my finances, I had to change the way I thought about money. I came up with 10 rules and techniques that transformed my relationship with money and allowed me to gain control of my finances and pay off my debt. I still live by those rules today and I’m debt-free and financially secure.”

Debt is Slavery will teach you how to:

  • Change the way you think about money
  • Gain control of your finances
  • Release yourself from the slavery of debt
  • Recognize and resist the constant attempts to separate you from your money
  • Achieve your financial goals

Nobody should be a slave to their finances. Read this book and transform your life!

What others are saying about Debt is Slavery

"Michael's focus is definitely for anyone who is in debt and wants some no-nonsense, simple systems to bail out of it."
-- Janine Bolon, founder of SmartCentsInc.com and author of "Money...It's Not Just for Rich People" and "Ditching Debt"

"This book doesn't waste time making its points and there are many very good points...Michael Mihalik is a good teacher, and Debt is Slavery is the kind of how-to manual that should be handed out like tracts at an airport."
-- MightyBargainHunter.com

"Debt is Slavery is a great personal finance book, one of the best I've read."
-- GetRichSlowly.org

“The book is lean and mean - it doesn't mince many words at all...if direct and clear advice is what you're really looking for, you can't do much better than Debt is Slavery.”
-- TheSimpleDollar.com

"Debt is Slavery is packed full of content...(and it) prompted me to action...This book just made so much sense to me and I think it helped me realize the true priorities in my life...Your book is making a huge positive difference in my life. Thank you."
-- BloggingAwayDebt.com

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Debt is Slavery by Michael Mihalik