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Michael Mihalik

Michael Mihalik grew up in Seattle, Washington and earned a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Washington. During college, Michael ran up huge debts by using credit cards to finance a lifestyle he couldn’t afford. Even after he graduated and began work as an aerospace engineer, his debts exploded out of control.

At first, Michael was overwhelmed and felt like a slave to his finances, but he soon became determined to pay off his debt. He discovered that before he could change the way he handled money, he had to change the way he thought about money. He created a money philosophy that freed him from the slavery of debt and led him to a life of financial prosperity and control.

Michael has since refined his philosophy about money. He has created a set of ideas and rules for financial security that can be applied at any income level. Now that he has successfully implemented these ideas and methods in his own life, he wishes to share them with others who may be struggling with the burdens of debt, so they too can regain control of their finances and lead more prosperous and fulfilling lives.

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