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10/31/2009 Peoria Journal Star - Americans Are Finally Beginning to Rediscover the Joy of Saving

09/15/2009 Boston Herald - Easy Credit Can Mean Hard Times for Students

09/13/2009 Los Angeles Times - No Law Can Substitute for Credit Discipline

09/13/2009 Chicago Tribune

09/13/2009 Los Angeles Times

09/10/2009 Newark Star-Ledger

09/10/2009 New Jersey Star-Ledger - Author Michael Mihalik Talks About Escaping Credit Card Debt

09/06/2009 North Jersey Community News - New Rules May Shield Young People from Credit Card Marketing

09/08/2009 Moose Lake Star Gazette - How Debt Makes Slaves Out of Consumers

04/21/2009 "Is the American Love Affair with Credit Cards Over?"

03/08/2009 "How to walk the fine line of living well within your means" - The Seattle Times

04/18/2008 "Whatever Happened to Savings?" - RealtyTrac

04/03/2008 "Swiped Away" - University of Washington Daily


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12/04/2009 The Daily Reckoning - Japanese Canaries in a US Economic Coal Mine
("Debt is Slavery" is mentioned about halfway through the article)

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05/20/2008 The Simple Dollar Picks Debt is Slavery as one of its top 8 personal finance books!

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The Book Squad - WMET 1160 - Washington D.C.
(Interview with Michael Mihalik starts at 41:00)

Fascinating Authors

Money Blogger Podcast

Noah's Castle - John Rowe Townsend

Debt is Slavery by Michael Mihalik